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After a workplace injury, the first step a person should take after getting emergency medical treatment is to hire a Reno workers' compensation attorney. The process of filing a workers' comp claim is complex and confusing, but a skilled lawyer could help you step-by-step and ensure that you provide all the necessary information. Otherwise, you could have your claim denied. If you are searching for an attorney to counsel you in a workers' comp claim, look no further than the law firm of Shook & Stone.

For more than a decade, our firm has represented Nevadans in all types of workers' comp issues, from workers' comp settlements to appealing a claim. Each of our attorneys comes from a unique background that adds to the diversity and effectiveness of our firm's services. We maintain a team atmosphere in order to provide thorough representation for each case, studying the details to ensure that our client's case is being handled from all possible angles. Our strategy involves listening to our clients and personalizing their representation, investigating their case, and preserving evidence that could be used to their benefit.

In addition to all this, we firmly believe that cases can be won before litigation becomes necessary. Our attorneys are also seasoned trial lawyers, however, and we are fully prepared and capable of taking your case to court if it is most beneficial to the outcome of your case. Many attorneys nowadays will do anything possible to reach a settlement instead of facing trial. At Shook & Stone, we understand that litigation may sometimes be the better option and will fearlessly represent you in court.

Outside of the courtroom, our lawyers are committed to the community and volunteer much of their free time to local organizations. We are members of the American Association for Justice, the American Bar Association, the Young Leadership Cabinet, the State Bar of Nevada, and much more. Learn more about our further community service we offer by reading about our attorneys in their bios. We also offer a free initial consultation for each client, so call today to make an appointment.

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If you are concerned about the expense of hiring a lawyer, don't be. We offer our services for a contingency fee, so you don't pay unless we win! Contact us today to discuss your options with a Reno workers' compensation lawyer. Once we review your case, we could provide you with comprehensive options and help you make an educated decision regarding your claim. Waiting to hire a lawyer can only damage your odds of success, so call today if need legal counsel for a workers' compensation issue.

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