Process of Filing a Workers' Comp Claim

Filing for Workers' Compensation in Nevada

Filing a workers' compensation claim is not a simple task. In order for your workplace injury to be covered by your employer's insurance, you must complete the proper paperwork correctly and in a timely manner. You must also provide documentation of your injury and any other evidence to prove that you qualify to receive compensation. If a mistake is made or you do not provide adequate evidence to establish your eligibility, your claim could be denied and all your hard work will have been for nothing, unless you go through the equally difficult process of appealing your denial. This could all be avoided by retaining the services of a Reno workers' compensation attorney from Shook & Stone.

Steps to Filing a Workers' Comp Claim

Immediately after your accident or injury, let your supervisor know. He or she should direct you toward human resources and inform you of your right to file a claim. If any emergency medical treatment is necessary, you should visit the nearest emergency care center and follow your employer's guidelines. At this point, you are ready to file your claim.

Visit your human resources department and obtain the necessary forms to request compensation. These should include an Employee's Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment (Form C-4), which must also be signed by your treating physician or chiropractor. You have 90 days from the time of injury to file this claim, and your physician has 3 days to sign and submit the form to the insurer.

The C-4 form is very detailed and must be completed correctly with valid information in order for your claim to be considered. You must also provide adequate evidence to prove that your injury was work-related and that you were not responsible for your accident in any way. If your claim is still denied, you may then request a hearing in order to appeal the decision. The most important step you can take in such a situation is to hire an attorney for guidance and legal representation, so call the offices of Shook & Stone today.

Why You Need an Attorney

With a lawyer at your side, you will have the experienced and knowledgeable advice needed to complete your C-4 and submit all necessary documentation in order to receive fair compensation. You could very well face financial hardship without a workers' comp payout, so don't take chances. Our firm has recovered more than $100 million for clients since 1997 and has the proven skill and success rate to maximize your payout. We offer a free initial consultation and work for a contingency fee. You won't have to pay a dime out of pocket for your case evaluation or by hiring a Reno workers' compensation lawyer from our firm. Call now to make an appointment!

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