Workers' Comp Denials

Denial of Workers' Compensation

What is workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation benefits exist to protect employees from suffering unnecessary financial loss due to a workplace accident. Many workers attempt to abuse this system, however, which has caused the Department of Labor (DOL) to crack down on claims and deny many employees from receiving compensation. If you have been injured on the job and are considering filing a workers' comp claim, take the time to review the eligibility requirements and determine whether or not you qualify.

Workers' Comp Eligibility

The DOL provides basic guidelines regarding a workers' eligibility for compensation. First of all, he or she must be working for an employer that offers workers' comp benefits. Nearly all employers in Nevada are required to do so, but there are a few that are not. In addition, the workplace accident must have occurred while the employee was on the job. If it occurred while the employee was off the clock or not working, the claim will be denied. The accident and consequent work-related injury must also have been caused by a third party. If the worker was responsible for their accident in any way, they cannot receive compensation. Get legal counsel today if you must file for workers' compensation and need to determine your eligibility.

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